Our Goals

Eliminate Plastic

We started our packaging journey with reusable plastic bags, but realized that wasn't enough. We are committed to eliminating single use plastic from our packaging and fulfillment.

Use Recycled Materials

Since January 2022, All of our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. 


We highly encourage our customers and other brands to find ways that they can eliminate plastics, we are all in this together!

Stay Engaged

We will always keep growing and changing as new and better materials become available!

How it started

How it's going

Recycled Mailers

We solely use mailers used from 100% post consumer recycled materials or USPS Priority Mail bags.

Hang Tags

No more little plastic doohickies on our hang tags - instead we use a soft recycled paper rope!

Product Bags

We now use 100% recycled paper bags and paper wraps for all of our product packaging.

Packing Slips

Bye bye packing slips! We now use electronic packing slips in the fulfillment center.