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Muse Ambassadors

"I found Muse Threads after seeing someone post their baby in the Rainbow Jellies print online. My family is constantly at the beach so I HAD to have the print. It was my second bamboo item we ever owned and I fell in love with the amazing quality. That was nearly two years ago and Muse Threads is still my favorite brand around.
I love being a Muse Ambassador because I am a part of an amazing community of women who all want to see Muse thrive, but in addition to that, we help each other thrive as well. Community is important to Muse Threads, and as ambassadors we have created our own virtual community, and I love the encouragement and support. I love being able to share Muse Threads with others because I genuinely love the brand, the owners, their employees, their ambassadors, and of course their customers!"




"The jellyfish print is what brought me to Muse Threads. I saw it and knew it needed to be in our closet. After a couple of purchases I joined Inspired Insiders, and I was hooked. The designs, the quality, and the community they foster, it was everything I had been wanting.

My kids are very comfortable in bamboo because of sensory processing disorder and autism, so having them be comfortable and supporting a company that I enjoyed interacting with was such a win.

When the chance opportunity to become an ambassador arose, it felt so natural. I constantly tell people about how much I love Muse Threads, and we are always wearing it, so of course doing it officially was the next logical step. I love how much Muse Threads thinks of and listens to their customers. How the prints are created by independent artists and they truly stand out."



"I discovered Muse on FB when I saw a Blue Aster Twirl dress! I thought it was such a pretty and unique print. I quickly became obsessed! I love Muse for so many reasons- the fun and vibrant prints, the great quality super-soft bamboo fabric, the thoughtful design, and the amazing customer service. Being an ambassador to me means sharing my love of this brand and their beautiful clothing with the community so that more people can live vibrantly!"


"I fell in love, deeply, and immediately with this brand after discovering the need for bamboo clothing to combat my child's eczema. I saw they had discounts on their sales bin, making it accessible for a teacher like me. When I received the items, I was completely blown away. It came in sustainable packaging that I immediately composted in my garden! The artwork is insanely vibrant and different from any other brands. The prints are created by independent artists from all over the world! I love that Muse is a small company. Then there is the quality of the fabric, the extended sizes, and the wrap dresses that make me feel confident in my ever changing body as I navigate pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum. Dresses with pockets, polos, hoodies, and matching with my babies feels so good in our chaotic world. I am so happy to be here and support this unique brand."


"Rainbow Jellyfish brought me to Muse! I love their artist designed, ultra vibrant, durable duds — truly one of a kind. Being an ambassador is so special! I love sharing the prints & designs… and mostly the community with the whole base… everyone is included, come as you are… it’s rare & wonderful!"



"I searched online for bamboo companies when my daughter started suffering from eczema as an infant. That is when I found Muse! The vibrant and unique prints grabbed my attention immediately. I made my first Muse purchase in 2021 and I haven’t purchased from another bamboo company since. The quality of the products paired with their top notch customer service is just unmatched. I love being an ambassador for Muse. It’s so easy to spread the word about a brand I’ve already loved and supported for years."


"I was looking for a local small business in DC and I fell I love that their footies have double zippers and foot grippers, which are both now must have features for us! Muse partners with independent artists to create amazing vibrant prints. The quality is amazing and we get so much use out of our Muse items. I loved Muse's commitment to sustainability and it shows in how they package their products. Also, Muse has the best customer service of any small business I have purchased from. I became a Muse ambassador because I love Muse’s product and the community. Muse has created a culture of inclusivity and it is amazing to play a small part in continuing to foster a supportive and inclusive community. Muse’s core values align so well with my personal values of inclusivity, creativity, and sustainability that I am thrilled to be part of the team as an ambassador."



Sarah P

"I found Muse through a well-targeted Facebook ad with Rainbow Jellies.... $200 later...

The gorgeous, vibrant prints drew me in. I had purchased from other bamboo companies before, but I was never satisfied with the quality over time. My kids play hard in Muse, and there are zero signs of wear and tear. Once I joined the Facebook group, I realized just how amazing this brand is! In a world full of 'bots and call centers half a globe away, Muse customer service feels like talking to a friend.

I had already been spreading the word about Muse to family, friends, and on social media so I decided to make it official! The sales are great, so it was always about how passionate I am about the products of course, but also the welcoming, supportive community. I want to help grow that community in any way I can!"


"I first found Muse Threads when I was looking for cute bamboo baby clothes (for my baby that would soon arrive) on a thrift website. I saw some amazing prints on the cutest twirl dresses; someone was selling a luxurious bundle of Muse. I wondered if there were any cute gender neutral options with the same prints and found the Muse Threads website and so much more!

I am now obsessed with the wrap dresses; they are perfect for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond; they are super soft, comfortable, beautiful, and offer an easy way to breastfeed. I also love the bedding, which is super soft and silky, and always gets my toddler excited about his cozy bed.

All of the toddler and baby clothes are the BEST I have ever had; the PJ sets have pockets, and the footies have grippies AND the option for feet out! The quality and beauty of Muse are unlike anything else that I have ever tried.

I am so happy to be a Muse Threads Ambassador because it gives me a chance to share this amazing brand, who truly loves their customers, with other families."


"I found Muse Threads in the spring of 2022. I came across the Rainbow Jellies print while browsing the internet and instantly became obsessed. My friend and fellow ambassador found that Muse had them for sale and eventually sent me a few items as gifts for my baby shower. As soon as I felt how soft everything was, I knew I had to have more. If I had to list everything I love about Muse, I would be here all day!! Each print is beautiful, the customer service is unmatched, and being a part of the Inspired Insiders group feels more like being part of a family. I’m so proud and excited to be a part of the Muse Threads team."


"My son is such a rough-and-tumble wild man. And while he is causing absolute mayhem, he just looks so stinkin cute. For the first year of his life, I was so jealous of moms to girls— they get all the best prints! And then I found Muse. There are so many prints that are perfect for boys— even some of the florals feel gender neutral because of the bright colors. My son gets compliments on his Muse all the time, and I love sending him to daycare thinking, “Yep. We killed it today. Best dressed toddler.”

Another Muse ambassador took time out of her day to make this company known to me, and it had a massive impact on my son’s wardrobe and my satisfaction with his closet. It made me excited to pick out pajamas and wrestle him into an outfit each morning. I just wish I had known about Muse sooner. For a while, I was just getting my new mom friends Muse stuff as gifts, that way they don’t miss out the first year of their kid’s life like I did. I was excited about the possibility of connecting people to something that I think would make their lives better and brighter."


"My family found Muse Threads because my daughter had such horrible reactive skin when she was little. Even when she's grown out of the worst of it, most clothes still give her a rash. I was so happy when I found a bamboo company that also had gorgeous patterns that make me smile every time I see them on her.

And of course, her big brother has to match her (at his request), which I'm taking full advantage of, and I can because Muse has so many style options.

I love that Muse has bright and colorful prints that my kids love, but I also would love to wear. I think that's what makes them utterly unique.

The best thing about being an ambassador is that I get to help other people find this great brand. I do enjoy seeing the inner workings of Muse Threads as well."


"I found muse through another Muse lover, Lydia Lowe. I love muse threads because of the beautiful prints, the quality, and the sales. Being an ambassador means supporting a brand that actually cares. Their customer service is unmatched; they are going to do what it takes to make you feel wanted and important. I love being an ambassador because of the community. I love being surrounded by my people and supporting the artists behind the prints. I became an ambassador to make my affinity for muse official!!